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The Critter Gitter keeps wild or domestic animals away from people or property. It has been successfully used to control wild Bear, Deer, Skunks, Moose, Raccoons, Wolves and most animals that have been known to destroy lawns and gardens. This product controls Bear, Deer and many other animals without expensive and unsightly fencing. Critter Gitter is also very effective for keeping Bears away from Bee Hives and protecting Koi ponds and areas from birds.

FULLY AUTOMATIC - Here's how it works: Using heat and motion sensors, Critter Gitter detects animals as they enter your yard or garden. The Critter Gitter emits a startling audible high-pitched sound and flashes small red lights. The sudden sound and light frightens the animals away. The unit then automatically resets to guard against the next intrusion. The Critter Gitter is a great deterrent for Bear, Deer, Skunks, Moose, Raccoons & Wolves. Unlike ultrasonic devices which are ineffective, the Critter Gitter obtains immediate safe results.

THE CRITTER GITTER VARIES THE SOUND pattern and flashes a red light to prevent the animals from getting accustomed to just one sound pattern. Wild animals, pests, cats and dogs are conditioned to stay away from protected areas. You'll no longer need to use harmful poisons or traps.

IT'S EASY TO USE - Mount Critter Gitter where the animal must cross the sensor path. Allow 30 seconds for the Critter Gitter to warm up. Keep clear of sensor area. Critter Gitter will sound when an animal sets it off. Then it will reset automatically for any further intrusion.

Used effectively by Animal Control, State Parks, Homeowners, Expeditions in Remote Areas. Many Testimonials available to Critter Gitter's Outstanding Performance.

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